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Interview Roger Federer

Miami Open Report and Interview Venus Williams

Interview Rafael Nadal (Min 8:20) Rogere Federer (Min 11:30 e Min 35:50) and Nick Kirgyos (Min 51:15)

Interview Angelique Kerber (Min 22) and Venus Williams (Min 49:50)

Miami Open Report and Interview Caroline Wozniacki (Min 47)

Miami Open Report and Interview Kei Nishikori (Min 37:50)

 Stan Wawrinka (Min 16) Rafael Nadal, Federico Delbonis (Min 24) Caroline Wozniacki (Min 43:30)

Miami Open Report and Interview Juan Martin del Potro and Roger Federer (Min 19)

Interview Karolina Pliskova (Min 33:45) and Thomas Bredych (Min 43:45)

Interview Ian Halperin New York Times Bestselling Author

Interview Jack Brewer Ambassador for Peace & Sport for the USFMEP at the UN

Interview Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann CEO Omega

Interview Ivete Sangalo

Interview Isis Valverde

Interview Mr. Tim Sheldon President Marriott Group

Interview Preta Gil

Interview Anitta

Interview Angélica Blandón

Interview Sergio Marone

Interview Jackie Silva

Interview Ana Carolina

Interview Beto Gatti

Interview Preta Gil

Interview Alex Atala

Interview Sharon Jhones

Interview Barney

Interview Annie Potts

Interview Sharon Jhones

Deborah Colkek

Interview Thawan Lucas

Interview Sergio Mattos (Min 47) Mujeres W

La W (Minuto 17)

La W (Minuto 6)

La W (54 min)

La W (Minuto 46)

La W (Minuto 38)

La W (Min 29)

La Hora del Regreso (40 min)